Discussing the Big Riot, Little Riot mentoring program.

Discussing the Big Riot, Little Riot mentoring program.

Enjoying some breakfast at last week’s meeting!

Enjoying some breakfast at last week’s meeting!

October 5, 2011

Officer Elections:
Vice President- Jackson Beck
Secretary- Ted Gilbert
Treasurer- Olivia Edwards

Big Riot, Little Riot:
- Positive response from freshmen
- Sorting through surveys- groups of 4

- Next homebase, selecting student from each homebase to send connection to Romanow (11th)
- Homebase after, cyberhouse (18th)
- Separate questions?
- School-wide questions?
- Start with beginning of the year question- What would you do to improve the school?- some may abuse that opportunity. Worth it if valuable info is collected?
- What we have control over: Design curriculum, choose with course we keep and don’t keep, school activities

- “What is something reasonable you want to change?”- Better Cyberhouse question?- Consistent class policies
- One thing you would add to Honor Code- Cyberhouse?

- Post 3 questions, but homebases will probably choose one to respond to
- Make sure people know what the honor code is
- Honor Code Awareness Week sooner- Late October, Early November?
-                           ^Make it have a greater impact^

September 28, 2011

  1. Follow Up
    1. Bulletin Board
    2. Emails to Clubs
    3. Question Box
    4. Senate Tumblr.
  2. Freshman Elections
    1. Counting Ballots on Thursday
  3. Plan Cyber House
  4. Refine/Action Plan for Adopt a Freshman Mentoring
    1. Action Plan
    2. Time Table
    3. Counting Ballots on Thursday

September 21, 2011

  1. Freshmen Elections
  2. Action plan for Diversifying
    1. Make people aware that exists
      1. signs
        1. Highlight food, past achievements, why they should join
        2. 7AM 232
      2. food is key
      3. Facebook
        1. Shelby
      4. Email advisors (handbook)
      5. Email ambassadors
  3. Web page/tumblr - Conor
  4. Bulletin Board
    1. What (included)
      1. Agenda for week
      2. General goals
      3. Cyber house question of the week
      4. Box - Lani
      5. Make senate look fun - Olivia P., Pix
      6. Header - Olivia
    1. When (time table) - next week
    2. Who (responsibility)

Goals for 2011-2012

-Increased Recycling

*As citizens of the world, we think that it extremely important to limit the waste produced by our school and to renew not just the building, but our waste as well.

-Composting Incentive

*As citizens of the world, we have concluded that composting can help reduce the waste our school produces. Our hope is that South Portland High School becomes a model for all schools in the district.

-Diversifying Senate

*As students of South Portland High School, we want to ensure that the senate represents as much of the student body as possible. We plan to do this through a Suggestion Box, both physically and online, to have increased Cyber House of Representatives involvement and to have Club Representatives join our meetings.

-Accept Diversity

*As students of South Portland High School, we believe the most important part of receiving a good education is to feel comfortable and respected. We plan to accept diversity all year, and celebrate our diverse population during Diversity Week.


*As students of South Portland High School, we have faced the transition into high school, and of being a new student, we want to ease that transition for all students so there is a true sense of community. We plan to increase the community feeling of our school through Big Riots, Little Rights in which an upperclassman home base adopts an underclassman home base to give guidance and friendship.

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Meetings are Wednesdays, 6:45! 

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